Niagara Px View (FREE)

  • Show PX Graphics
  • Navigation Menu
  • Multi User Access
  • Light & Dark Theme
  • Point n' Click Configuration
  • Multi-Language Dashboard
  • Also Includes a Free Hyperlink Widget
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N4 Graphics


The Niagara Px View embeds existing px graphics in a modern HTML5 dashboard with a navigation menu. You will keep your own px graphics and show them within this dashboard. Display any standard Niagara object, e.g. point control, px graphics, schedules, etc. Note: the above equipment graphic is just an example. Modernize your dashboard with this easy-to-use interface which includes a menu system and theme options. Also check out our widgets

Are you looking for a cost effective way to show equipment graphics and data to your customers? Why not have a look at View Builder.


Custom Layouts

Equipment Graphics

All your existing graphics can easily be brought into this dashboard. Have full interaction and animation with your AHU/FCU or any other equipment graphic you have designed.

Numeric point

Station Objects

Control and actions for numerics, booleans, strings, and enums, or any other station component can easily be done.

Tridium Schedules


Manage equipment schedules or use our Scheduling Template to adjust time, schedule events, etc.

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