Increase Memory to Niagara AX and stations


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Increasing the allocated java memory to Niagara AX and running stations, you need to modify the file.

Before you begin

Assuming you're on a Windows platform, you have shut down any running stations, and closed Workbench.

1. In Windows open explorer and go to your Niagara installation directory (e.g. C:\niagara\niagara-3.8.38)

2. Go to the lib folder

3. Find the file and open it with notepad or other text file editor

4. Find the text java.options=-Xmx???

5. Change the value after the Xmx to a value proportional to your machines memory (e.g. 1024)

6. Save and close the file. Start Workbench

7. Press F3 to show the console. In the console type in nre -testheap to check the memory allocated

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